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One of the first blog sites I visited when I started looking at blogs as a website source and place to work my ministry from was a site called “Full of Roses Inspirationals, Christian inspirational photography and poetry,” by a young man named Ken Hernandez.

Because I love poetry so much and especially inspirational and Christian poetry, I took to his site almost immediately. His was one of the first sites I followed when my blog website started. He’d been going for a while when I found his site but in 2017 the posts dwindled almost to a stop. With so many blogs that I do follow, I just assumed he had moved on but I kept his site in my “Blogs Followed” page because of so much he had on his site and one great thing about WordPress is that unless you delete your account, the posts stay right there.

Well, I received an email from him the other day to my surprise. The Lord has been leading him in another direction with his poetry; into music, inspirational to be precise! It was great to see that he was still following the leading of the Holy Spirit.

He was led to a couple of producers/singers and they have used, to this date, three of his poems and converted them into awesome music! Ken is the writer and one of the producers also sings, Brandon Jarret. After listening to them I am blessed AND honored to present this first one as part of our Music Ministry category!

I truly believe you will be as blessed as I was. I will eventually post the other two as well, but I am providing the link to Ken’s site so that you can be as blessed as I have been. You will find his other two music videos with all of his inspirational poetry and photography on his site as well as the music videos on YouTube.

Ken’s site: Full of Roses Inspirationals

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