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Many of you who know me or have come to know me have noticed I love Inspirational and Christian-themed Poetry. I am NOT a poet. I have tried and I just do not have the skill or talent. But I love it none-the-less. I am also an avid reader of teachings and studies on various aspects of the Bible. That is why I have created this page. I hope to highlight some of those Christian Writers who have allowed me over time to use their unpublished work in some of my posts under the category various categories and to repay them by giving them a spot on this page to showcase or highlight their PUBLISHED works, new or not. I want my brothers and sisters to know that I am doing this to pay back what these authors have so freely given. I am not doing it for any financial remuneration. I love these brothers and sisters in the Lord who are able to take the Word of God and put it into a way that is not just enjoyable but also filled with the truth, encouragement and inspiration. My hope AND prayer, is that if you have seen some of their writings (even if you haven’t) check out the links to their published works and maybe bless them as they are able to bless all of us! – Pastor Roland Ledoux

In Thought Word and Deed
Inspirational Poetry and Journal
by Mike Manahan

mike manahan poetry wpMike Manahan has become a recent friend of mine on Facebook when I found some of his songs and poetry that he is prolific at. Just recently I heard of his book and want to make sure others are aware of it. His poetry is inspirational and encouraging and of course many of you know my bias due to my love of Christian poetry. Please check out his Facebook page and website and look into getting his book. You can click the book image and it will take you in a separate window to

From the back cover:
Mike and his wife attend Lifepoint, a local church where they have enjoyed fellowship for the past several years. The messages in his journal represent flashes of wisdom and insight over the years. His love for writing has been inspired by everything from notes from pastors’ sermons, to something that a commentator says on a football game, to driving down the road, just thinking about the Lord and how God wants to be a part of everything in our lives.

Facebook Page: Mike Manahan Facebook
Website: Breadcrumbs From the Father’s Table


cathy merritt - rwg coversI have known Sister Cathy for a long time through her husband Don Merritt and through her Facebook page, God’s Bible Study Online, her website, Simple Faith, and as a teacher and a Christian friend, Sister Cathy stands as an inspiration and encouragement when it comes to the things of the Lord. Cathy Merritt is a devoted mother, wife and Christian friend. She is a Christian teacher, blogger and student of the Scriptures, the Word of God. She has spent about three years with the idea of Real World Grace in an attempt to bring it to the public for the glory of the Lord and to help others realize their potential in sharing God’s grace with others.

She writes:

My book was created to show how corrupted we are by judging people and we’re not really in the place to do that. God’s grace is a real example for us to learn how to show Real World Grace. Ways we can see what scripture says to us.

I hope it makes people think that we can individually make a difference.

You can find her new book on Amazon in several different formats to include Kindle digital, Softcover, and Hardcover editions. You can check out the link by clicking on Real World Grace or the cover images above. I hope and pray you do.

Mike N. Armijo’s “The Journey Home: A Collection of Poetry” voices a profound expression of faith and love for the Almighty Father

“The Journey Home: A Collection of Poetry” from Christian Faith Publishing author Mike N. Armijo is a captivating collection of verses that express worship and praise in God’s grace.

MEADVILLE, Pa. (PRWEB) May 11, 2020 — “The Journey Home: A Collection of Poetry”: an excellent compendium of pieces that speak of faith, love, hope, and trust in the immense power and majesty to guide all believers. “The Journey Home” is the creation of published author Mike N. Armijo, a grandfather of fourteen
grandchildren and three great-grandchildren, widowed but now reengaged to Beverly, who is a born-again Christian, also widowed with two children.

Armijo shares, “There is hope in CHRIST JESUS, who gave HIS life to a world in need of hope and HIS light, a world lost in the darkness of sin and its depravity. There is life in the blood, and without it’s shedding, there would be no hope for the remission of sin. JESUS, who bore our stripes and took our place, the WORD made flesh, the SON of GOD, the ONLY WAY to the FATHER. It is because of HIM there is hope; and who the LORD sets free is free indeed, for GOD is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. Brokenness is what lead me to the cross of CHRIST. HE called me out of darkness, into the light of HIS love, to be a little light that would point to HIM, the ONLY WAY home. I confess HE is the LORD of my heart, and that because of HIS love for me, I am not who I once was. By HIS grace, I am saved though faith in the completed work of the cross and the pure love it took to think of me. We are in this journey together. Let’s love one another along the way as we walk each other home.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Mike N. Armijo’s new book is a truly well-written piece of literature that will help the readers come back home to the Father and realize His redeeming power and saving grace that will always welcome them.

View a synopsis of “The Journey Home: A Collection of Poetry” on YouTube.

Consumers can purchase “The Journey Home: A Collection of Poetry” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at, Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.

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Mike N. Armijo, Facebook Page
You can also check out his book at the following Amazon Link

Gifts to The Giver: The Early Years
by Monika Starr Langguth
Published by Parables – Earthly Stories with a Heavenly Meaning

Gifts to the Giver cover wpA compilation of over 30 years of “Heavenly downloads,” Gifts to The Giver takes its lead from The Greatest Book, “In The Beginning . . .” From the rocky and dangerous road of the bright lights of New York to the comforting path of “Light Himself,” this is one woman’s journey and how the love affair with God began. Although not penned with eloquence or Shakespearean flair, it is the unveiling of a captured heart set free to experience and share love as this heart had never dreamed possible. Walk with her a little while and experience God’s contagious Love.

Born in “The Bronx” Monika was a precocious child so life on the “wild side” came quite naturally and writing her favorite form of expression.

A single parent with two small children, a traumatic car accident changed the course of her life.

As a cosmetologist, Monika had created her own line of cosmetics, when suddenly, The Holy Spirit began drawing her into a realm she couldn’t resist. Looking beautiful was important, but something was deeply missing. Seeking to find the inner beauty in her own life, her passion grew and now the desire of Monika’s heart was to help others see themselves as they were divinely intended by This Magnificently Irresistible God of love.

only God can fill empty heartMonika Langguth, Facebook Page
You can also checkout her book at the following Amazon Link