Faith . . . John 20:29

I believe without seeing, I know that I know,
I know that GOD love’s me and won’t let me go.

I can feel sunshine even in rain;
I see heaven without fear or pain.

I know that this sadness which I know today,
Won’t last forever for GOD’S made a WAY.

My faith is in JESUS who suffered and died;
So that I could live and without shame to hide.

Every sin I committed from my birth till I sleep;
HE took on HIMSELF so my soul I could keep.

Although I’ve not seen, in HIS WORD I believe,
For I now have new life living in me.

I believe in the SON of a virgin’s birth,
I believe that HE died and rose from the earth;

I believe I’m forgiven and have been set free,
That the cross of HIS love HE bore for me.

Faith mixed with grace helps me to see;
That the ONE who has risen, rises in me.

The world is in shambles, they want us inside,
Socially distance; and in fear many hide.

But what about faith? Do we truly believe? Can we understand?
That faith is belief in GOD and not man.

Faith is believing in what I can’t see now, yes; even this shall fade,
I hope in JESUS HIS finished work on the cross, it was my debt which HE paid.

© Mike Nano Armijo, May 16th, 2020. Used with permission.
If you enjoyed this poem, check out Mike’s first published work,
The Journey Home, A Collection of Poetry, here.

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