Me and God Are Good


I Hear People Say,
“Me and God Are Good!”
Have They Really Bowed
To The “Holy Wood?”

Thinking That Cliché
Makes God Satisfied?
Is Their Life in Christ
Truly Crucified?

Do They Understand
That Their Soul’s the Cost?
They Must Come to HIM
Who Hung on The Cross!

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We Know What Is True
Is Our Heart HIS Home?
Or Is This the Truth
Self’s Still on The Throne?

I Do Not Ask This
As If I’m The Judge
But the Pride of Self
Can Be Hard to Budge.

We Cannot Beg God
When Our Life Is Through
If HE Has to Say,
“I Do Not Know You.”
We Must Come to Him
While We Still Have Breath
There’s No Deal to Make
When Our End Is Death.

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So, I Beg You Now
If You Do Not Know
When You Leave This Life
Where Then Will You Go?

“Me and God Are Good!”
Will Not Work That Day
If We Don’t Repent
Will We Hear HIM Say
What Will Crush Our Soul
When We Hear, “Depart!”
I Beg You Right Now
Seek Within Your Heart.

Time Goes by So Fast
We Cannot Afford
To Put Off This Truth

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“Me and God Are Good!”
Is Just A Cliché
Is The Only Way.

Monika Langguth
November 27th, 2020 ©
TGBTG (To God Be The Glory)
Monika Langguth | Facebook

P.S. The Holy Spirit Put This on My Heart Just Now . . .
Someone I Know That May Not Be Alive Too Long Has Said That,
Yet Their Life Says Something Else.
I Pray That This Soul Comes to Him. – Monika

P.S.S. Pastor’s Note: We all need to be fervently and sincerely praying for the lost! Amen!

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