In The Blink of An Eye . . .

Just like that….it could all be gone, love more today than yesterday, because we are not promised the future; yes love can and will go away.

Care for your brothers and sisters, for your children; husbands, your wives, we are not guaranteed to always be here, for you see we all will die.

It is then that we will cross over; to be with the ones that we love, it is not past tense, but the future, we will find that GOD’S grace was enough.

Life passes by so quickly, slow down and take time to live, spend time with the one’s closest to you; when we take we also should give.

We all have, (what I call), an appointment; to meet the Creator of all, so live like your life is worth living, HE will catch you if you happen to fall.

GOD loves us so much that HE gave us, JESUS; the gift to mankind, HE chose the will of the Father; HE died to give sight to the blind.

Open your eyes, JESUS love’s you, HE died so that you can have life; you are not promised tomorrow and can be gone in the blink of an eye.

Love, as if it were like breathing; give till you can’t give no more, hope, have faith, keep believing; always love, (that’s what living is for).

Love GOD give HIM all the glory; we will see HIM appear in the sky; then we shall forever be with HIM, all in the blink of an eye.

in the blink of an eye poem

© Mike Nano Armijo, January 2nd, 2020. Used with permission.
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The Journey Home, A Collection of Poetry, here.

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