My dear Sister in Christ, Inspirational Poet and Photographer, Wendy L Macdonald, allowed me to “experiment” with one of her inspirational poems and some of her still photographs and I was able to put a video slideshow together highlighting her poem. It is the first time for trying to use words in such a way in a video slideshow and I have some more learning to do, but she enjoyed it and allowed it to be posted. I hope you will receive a blessing from just another means of getting the Christian message across. There are links at the bottom of the video so you can visit her website and her Facebook page if you haven’t friended her yet. God Bless and enjoy. 👍😇💗✝️

Here is the poem that inspired this:


The joyful flames of friendship
Ignite the incense of grace
That we may walk with counsel
In everything we face
The pleasant fragrance of friendship
Perfumes the most painful of days
That we may walk with comfort
No matter the burdens we face.

~ wlm

A good friend may not be able to lift our burden, but she helps us face it bravely.

© Wendy L. Macdonald, February 26, 2020. Used with permission.
Wendy L. Macdonald Facebook Page
Wendy L. Macdonald Facebook Page
Wendy L. Macdonald Website

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