My wife and I, a couple of nights ago watched about six classic episodes of National Geographic’s Oceans. We love just about anything that deals with ocean exploration and the wonders that can be seen by such brave-hearty scientists.

What is so fascinating is the beauty and the diversity of those types of organisms and fish that live deeper than men can dive with scuba type gear. Most of this exploration has to take place in thick steel encased vehicles that can withstand such excessive pressures and yet, at those depths are such delicate and beautiful shapes and species of creature that up to a few decades ago, we could only imagine in our wildest dreams!

Now, I have been accused quite often of “over-spiritualizing” things I see in nature or in the “REAL” world. My reply is always this; if our Heavenly Father created us to have a spiritual relationship with Him and it is to be spirit to Spirit, for God is a Spirit and those who worship Him will have to do it in spirit and truth, then how can anyone over-spiritualize what they see in the natural? (See John 4:24).

Anyway, when I watch these types of things on the television and especially with my wife, it always leads to such great conversation about the greatness and majesty of our Heavenly Father and the amazing wisdom that when into creating such diversity.

The gist of the program is that just recently in the span of our time, scientists are beginning to realize that every level of diversity in the oceans, from the greatest depths to the very surface of the oceans themselves are necessary to maintain a balance on this planet we call earth, so that our habitat that God Almighty created for us would remain suitable for life.

If even one layer were to be decimated, even those species that we, for the most part, have been unaware of, then life as we know it wouldn’t be possible. In other words, it takes all levels of oceanic life to make this planet alive and fully functioning.

In the same vein in the spiritual, our Heavenly Father in His great and wise creativity has allowed for diverse personalities AND the giving of diverse and varied gifts to those who have surrendered themselves to Him through Christ Jesus. It is these diverse and individual members, no matter the denomination or label applied, that make up the Body of Christ or the True Church, the spiritual Church of God Almighty.

The Apostle Paul has probably written more about the various ministry/acts of service gifts as well as spiritual gifts, gifts that help the Church to grow, to evangelize, to disciple, to protect itself from heresy and falsehood, etc. Contrary to what some teach, these gifts are still evident in the Church today, and make no mistake, when I say Church, I mean the individuals who have surrendered to Christ Jesus, THEY are the Church and what some in the Scriptures call the Body of Christ!

We need to remember, that this Church is what Jesus promised and predicted for He was aware that in the flesh, He could only be in one place at a time, but in the Spirit, united with the spirit of believers, His Body could then be world-wide!

But just like in the oceans in the natural world, if one part of that diversity is missing or not doing its part, the earth becomes sick. This should be an evident example that when the individual members of the Body of Christ, a.k.a., the Church is not doing their part, either due to lack of teaching or just plain “stubbornness,” then the Church is not as alive as it should be and is not able to do its part, or to accomplish the mission, that Christ gave for us to do.

It’s been said that the disciples would be able to accomplish “more” than when Jesus walked the earth, because His Spirit would be indwelling all the disciples. We saw it in the early Church from the examples given in the Scriptures and I have heard so many express amazement and question why we don’t see it in the Church today in the quantity they feel is expressed in the Scriptures.

Maybe though, we are looking at things with the wrong perspective. Many people don’t feel that miracles are taking place around them like took place in the New Testament; yet I would beg to differ with those same people and argue (no I don’t debate) that miracles are happening every day and in greater ways; you just have to close your natural eyes and open your spiritual eyes!

The fact remains, that when we surrender our wills to that of the Savior’s and we let His Holy Spirit lead us, He gives us gifts and equips us with the ability to use those gifts AND He leads those our way, whom our gifts are able to bless. When we all play our part, then the Body of Christ, the Church, the Bride, is complete and whole and alive and able to accomplish all that the Spirit of God wishes for the Church to accomplish!

So don’t be surprised that what you see around you, can be mirrored in the spiritual. After all, the same God who created the natural, did it from the spiritual and the natural is and always was temporary, a template, so to speak, but the spiritual is eternal! (See 2 Corinthians 4:18).

In closing, don’t confuse diversities with division. They are two completely different things. Diversity makes a more complete and precise picture, division tears that same picture in pieces. Just some food for thought!!

About Roland Ledoux

Pastor of Oasis Bible Ministry, an outreach ministry of intercessory prayer, encouragement and exhortation of the Word of God and author of the ministry blog, For The Love of God. I live in Delta, Colorado with my beautiful wife of 49+ years and a beautiful yellow lab whom we affectionately call Bella.
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7 Responses to Diversities

  1. Cate B says:

    Roland! ” if our Heavenly Father created us to have a spiritual relationship with Him and it is to be spirit to Spirit, for God is a Spirit and those who worship Him will have to do it in spirit and truth, then how can anyone over-spiritualize what they see in the natural” – YUP! Kindred spirit. 😀

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  2. So here is where my mind went, Roland (didn’t drag it there, it just wandered by itself): the U.S. is now engaged in preparation for a Presidential election. As Christians, instead of entering the nasty, name-calling, cartoon-passing political fray, shouldn’t we acknowledge this diversity? Should we seek the gifts in all the people running for office, looking for the honorable, the just, the commendable, the things worthy of praise in all those seeking office?

    Instead, I see the majority of us doing what the world does – looking for the mistakes and highlighting them, climbing on the sarcasm bandwagon, believing the loudest talking head or gossiper without checking facts and sources ourselves. Our collective behavior truly saddens me; and the really sad part? We defend it to the death as “our right.” 😦

    Sorry. Stepping off my soapbox now.

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    • dawnlizjones says:

      Susan, I think you make a very important point in that our “rights” as citizens of America should never preclude our “responsibilities” as citizens of God’s Kingdom.

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    • No need to apologize Sis! This is the thing that for the last couple of months (at least) has bothered “the tar out of me!” I know and you know what the Lord desires, but mankind, the world as a whole and the things of the world, the things that are important to the “world” as a whole is enmity towards God. That is what saddens me. With each election cycle that comes, I start to really wonder about the United States as a “Christian” nation and then I realize, as the Lord showed me so recently, THIS is NOT my home! I can and should be concerned to the point that it affects individuals and the ability to experience God’s Love, His True purpose for creating us, then realize that “corporate” human nature has not changed since the very first of creation and according to the Scriptures, won’t change without the guidance and influence of the Holy Spirit. It is not that I have become resigned, because I still get passionate about things, but my perspective has for a long time been on the eternal effect or our decisions. Ultimately, just like the Word says, it is God who sets up and takes down kingdoms and leaders. We need to continue to pray for the individuals that make up the “kingdoms or leadership” but also recognize that our world is on a collision course with destiny. Do we stay on this ship of destiny and try to love all that come within our influence, or do we jump ship and let it go down with out a fight? I choose, as apparently you and others do who love the Lord, to fight for the individuals and to demonstrate in that fight, the true Love of God our Heavenly Father!! God bless Sis and feel free to bring that soapbox out anytime! We are not meant to be an island to ourselves or to be without passion (zeal). Love your insight Sis, I truly do!


  3. glandsh says:

    good word, brother…..amen


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