Food For Thought 1/26/2023

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Length of A Generation

A generation is defined as a length of time it takes for a father to be succeeded by his child. It is popularly considered to be 33 years.

A Bible generation is sometimes regarded as 70 years (Psalm 90:10). Others believe it to be 40 years, saying that all the adults of the generation which left Egypt died during the 40-year wilderness wanderings.

Perhaps the strongest identification is found in Job 42:16 which says that “Job lived a hundred and forty years . . . even four generations.” Dividing 140 by 4, the result is 35. A Bible generation could very well be 35 years.

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About Roland Ledoux

Pastor of Oasis Bible Ministry, an outreach ministry of teaching, encouragement and intercessory prayer from the Holy Bible, the written Word of God and author of the ministry website, For The Love of God. He lives in Delta, Colorado with his beautiful wife of 50+ years and a beautiful yellow lab whom they affectionately call Bella.
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