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gs john linton John Linton (1888 – 1965) John Linton is not normally listed among the elite of the evangelists in this century: Moody, Sunday, Bob Jones, Sr., Appelman, John Rice. But he was not some lesser light—God mightily moved through his ministry. He left a trail of converts to Christ as well as revived, restored, rejoicing churches.

His gospel soundness, his compelling delivery, his Scotch brogue and his devotion to our Lord made him widely acceptable. You cannot hear the inimitable Scotch brogue in his sermon, but you can enjoy its sweet and powerful message.

He died at age 77 in the pulpit while conducting evangelistic services.

The Bible – A Supernatural Book
The Fulfilled Prophecy of The Bible

All Scripture is given by inspiration of God . . . – 2 Timothy 3:16.

One of the most striking characteristics of the Bible, distinguishing it radically from all other books either ancient or modern, is that it contains in every part, from its first book to its last, predictions in plain language of events that were to take place in the history of mankind on earth.

These prophecies were soberly uttered—and uttered in the name of Almighty God. They are not confined to events done in a corner and impossible of full investigation but have for their subjects the largest cities and most famous empires in the world.

Nor are they so indefinite and ambiguous that their meaning is obscure. They are definite, specific prophecies regarding persons, places and events, given in such detail that time will prove one thing or another: either the Bible is vindicated as an inspired Book through the fulfillment of its prophecies, or it is exposed through their nonfulfillment as the worst imposture in history, because these prophecies were made in the name of the holy God.

What, then, of these prophecies?

Take those concerning the death of Christ. A few years ago I published a booklet entitled Fifty Prophecies Fulfilled in One Day, showing that on one single day of twenty-four hours, from the time of Christ’s arrest in Gethsemane to the hour when He was buried in the shadow of the cross, no less than half a hundred specific prophecies were fulfilled! Any mathematician will tell you that the numerical chance of accidental fulfillment would run into astronomical figures against it. Just to mention a few of such:

Four classes of people were to be active in the crucifixion (Psalm 2:1-2 – Jews, Gentiles, kings, rulers). Christ was to be sold for silver, betrayed by a friend, forsaken by disciples. The betrayer would eat bread at a table with Him. His hands and feet would be pierced. He would drink vinegar and gall. They would cast lots for His vesture. The price of betrayal would go to the potter’s field.

What of those prophecies? Were they fulfilled? They were fulfilled so accurately that Bolingbroke, the English infidel, in explaining their fulfillment, said Jesus arranged those things that happened to Him so as to make them transpire according to prophecy! He could not deny the fulfillment but said it was all arranged.

I will ask you: Is that an honest and rational explanation?

We are told in Acts 4:27 that Herod the king and Pilate the governor were the king and ruler prophesied in Psalm 2. Does anyone believe that wicked Herod and cowardly Pilate conspired against Christ in order to fulfill this prophecy?

Would Judas Iscariot hang himself in an effort to fulfill Scripture?

Did the Roman soldiers purposely gamble for Christ’s vesture because they knew of a prophecy to that effect?

Would the hypocritical Pharisees and priests send the blood money to the potter’s field because they knew the condemnatory fact was written in Scripture against them?

The answer is that Bolingbroke’s explanation is a magnificent testimony to the actual fulfillment of these prophecies. His resort to a puerile explanation was because he could deny neither the prophecies nor their fulfillment.

To Be Continued

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Unless otherwise noted, Scripture taken from the Holy Bible: King James Version. In Public Domain.

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