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gs john linton John Linton (1888 – 1965) John Linton is not normally listed among the elite of the evangelists in this century: Moody, Sunday, Bob Jones, Sr., Appelman, John Rice. But he was not some lesser light—God mightily moved through his ministry. He left a trail of converts to Christ as well as revived, restored, rejoicing churches.

His gospel soundness, his compelling delivery, his Scotch brogue and his devotion to our Lord made him widely acceptable. You cannot hear the inimitable Scotch brogue in his sermon, but you can enjoy its sweet and powerful message.

He died at age 77 in the pulpit while conducting evangelistic services.

The Bible – A Supernatural Book
The Historical Inerrancy of The Bible

All Scripture is given by inspiration of God . . . – 2 Timothy 3:16.

The history of the Bible is true history. It is more reliable than profane history because Bible historians were inspired of God to record facts as they really happened. They had more than human wisdom to guide them. They had the guidance of the Holy Spirit. This claim the Bible makes for itself, and this claim the history of the Bible proves up to the hilt.

Take the first five books of the Bible, declared to be written by Moses. For many years Dr. Driver and others held that Moses could not have written the Pentateuch because writing was unknown in Moses’ day. Then one day Dr. Petrie dug up the Tel el Amarna tablets in Northern Egypt bearing letters from persons in both Egypt and Palestine centuries before Moses was born!

Our Lord once said, “If these should hold their peace, the stones would immediately cry out” (Luke 19:40). God made the stones at Tel el Amarna to voice the historicity of the Bible.

Bible critics are still teaching ministerial students that the Pentateuch is a patchwork extending over several centuries, and this despite the fact that some of the world’s greatest scholars have shown their theories to be groundless.

Professor Hommel, eminent philologist of Munich University, after examination of archaeological evidence, says regarding the lists of names in Numbers:

The lists have been shown by the external evidence . . . preserved in inscriptions on stone, to be genuine and trustworthy . . . before which theories built up by modern critics of the Pentateuch must collapse irretrievably.

Professor Sayce of Oxford was a confirmed modernist for years until the spade laid bare fact after fact confirming the Bible and proving his position false. He honestly faced the facts, wrote a book demolishing the modern view and challenged the critics with his testimony:

I do not for a moment hesitate to assert that . . . the investigations in Assyria and Egypt thoroughly corroborate the statements of the Old Testament.

In Daniel 5, we have a most interesting proof of the historical inerrancy of Scripture. It declares in familiar story that Belshazzar was king of Babylon when the Medo-Persians took the city and slew Belshazzar. But contemporaneous history knew nothing of a King Belshazzar. Moreover, the king of Babylon was known not to have been in Babylon on the night when the city fell.

Here, then, were two samples of Bible inaccuracy, and for years the critics held this chapter up to ridicule. Meanwhile, archaeologists continued to dig. Finally a tablet was unearthed bearing the name of a soldier-king named Bil-Shar-Uzzar (Belshazzar) and giving the information that he ruled in Babylon conjointly with his father in the last years of his father’s reign.

With this discovery in mind, Bible believers then reread Daniel 5 and found light on a problem that had perplexed many. To Daniel, the king had said, “If thou canst read the writing, and make known to me the interpretation thereof, thou shalt be . . . the third ruler in the kingdom.”

Why the third? Why not second to Belshazzar himself? Because the history of the Bible is inerrant. Belshazzar and his father were co-rulers, and the third place was all Belshazzar could give.

It is in the light of such facts as these that the Bible’s claim to divine inspiration is fully sustained. The more one investigates the history of the Bible, the more clearly will he find this to be so. That is why Dr. Christie, a graduate of Glasgow University, after spending thirty-five years in Palestine, challenged anyone to stand forth and prove one single geographic or historical inaccuracy in the Bible.

To Be Continued

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*Unless otherwise noted, Scripture taken from the Holy Bible: King James Version. In Public Domain.

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