Psalm 23:6 – Ole Hallesby

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For Friday July 15, 2022:

PSALM 23:6

Psalm 23:6 (NKJV)
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me All the days of my life.

This is a remarkable passage.

It is remarkable simply for the reason that most people do not agree with it. Our anxieties show this. The fact that we are anxious nearly every day shows that we feel that we are being followed by sorrow and trouble all the days of our life.

David, on the other hand, said that only goodness and mercy followed him every day.

It would be wonderful to live under such circumstances, you reflect. Without anxiety, without that gnawing uneasiness with respect to the future! Yes, it is wonderful to live in that way. It is concerning this very thing that this psalm speaks. Turn to your Bible some time today and read this little psalm, the pearl of all the psalms of the Bible. You will learn to know what a rich and blessed life it is possible to live by believing in God.

Do not think that the writer of this psalm was a sentimental dreamer. No, he was a king who had been severely tried, who had been compelled to experience more of life’s trials than most people. He also knew what it was to sin and to fall.

Yet through it all he had learned to have faith in God. He had learned to know that the Lord was his faithful shepherd, who tended him and saved him from great dangers.

David had enough enemies, both at home and abroad—yes, even in his own household; but he also knew what it was to have the Lord prepare a table before him in the very presence of those enemies.

In the greatest trials of his life he felt that the Lord refreshed his soul in wondrous ways. He was made to lie down in green pastures and was led beside still waters.

Yes, even his last enemy, death, he faced courageously; because the Lord was with him all the way.

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O. Hallesby, God’s Word for Today: A Daily Devotional for the Whole Year, trans. Clarence J. Carlsen (Minneapolis, MN: Augsburg, 1994), 205.

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