Because They Speak Against The Lord

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Pastor’s Note: God does NOT change and neither does the spirit of His Word. It is living and still relevant for each and every one of us today. With that thought in mind, remember the Prophetic words given by God’s Prophets and Teachers. The words STILL ring true!

1 Thessalonians 5:16-21, “Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. Do not quench the Spirit. Do not despise prophecies. Test all things; hold fast what is good. Abstain from every form of evil.” KNJV (Bold emphasis, added).

For the nation has stumbled, and is falling, because their speech and their doings are against the LORD, to defy and rebel against the glory of God Almighty. The looks on their faces are witnesses against them, and they declare their sin as evil as the sins of Sodom; they do not even hide them. Woe to their soul! For they have brought evil upon themselves by their very open and blatant actions.

“Say to the righteous and the upright that it shall be well with them, for they shall eat the fruit of their doings. But woe to the wicked! It shall be disastrous with them, for the reward of their own hands shall be given and returned to them. As for this people, this nation who once called upon My name, children shall be their oppressors, and women will rule over them. Oh people! Those who lead you cause you to err and destroy the way of your paths.”

However, the LORD stands up to plead, and stands to judge the people. The LORD will enter into judgment upon the elders and leaders of this nation and those called to shepherd: “For you have eaten up the vineyard, the fruits of other’s labors and the plunder of the poor is in your houses. What do you mean by crushing My children and tormenting and oppressing the very existence of the poor?” Says the Lord GOD of hosts.

Moreover, the LORD says: “Because the daughters of the nation are arrogant, and walk with haughtiness and flirting eyes, walking pridefully wherever they go, walking as if without a care, therefore the Lord will strike them with sores upon the crown of their heads and the LORD will take away their hair, their symbol of pride.”

In that day the Lord will take away their finery: their jewels of all types, the fine linen scarves; the perfumes, and the rings, all the robes and capes; the purses, and the mirrors; the hats, and the cloaks.

And so it shall be: Instead of a sweet smell there will be a stench; instead of a sash, belt or buckle, a rope to be led by; instead of well-set hair, baldness; instead of a rich robe, the clothes of mourners; and slavery instead of beauty. Your men, your husbands and relatives shall fall victim to warfare.

Instead of social standing and prestige, you shall be destitute and your cities you once gloated over will fall into decay and ruin as well as into the hands of enemies.

All because you dare speak out against God and blatantly and openly do evil in the sight of all.

nation in her desolation

1(Based on and partially adapted from parts of Isaiah, Chapter 3,  NLT – New Living Translation)

¹Tyndale House Publishers, Holy Bible: New Living Translation (Carol Stream, IL: Tyndale House Publishers, 2015)

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Pastor of Oasis Bible Ministry, an outreach ministry of intercessory prayer, encouragement and exhortation of the Word of God and author of the ministry blog, For The Love of God. I live in Delta, Colorado with my beautiful wife of 50+ years and a beautiful yellow lab whom we affectionately call Bella.
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