Decline of Conscience

In our society, we’re witnessing the decline of conscience. It’s concurrent with the unfashionability and political incorrectness of a certain traditional belief. Doesn’t anybody see a connection? If you subscribe to this traditional belief, you are immediately stereotyped as a wild-eyed fanatic, and worse, just for believing the same message that’s been accepted by millions for centuries. Yet, exactly concurrent with today’s declining conscience and consequent increase in crime, hate, unethical behavior and apathy, has been the public trashing of this traditional faith. I say again, doesn’t anyone see a connection? The only group that it’s actually “politically correct” to hate is the group that still holds this traditional belief.

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Guilt has become something to be purged at all cost. But guilt is like pain, only for the soul. If you deaden all pain, sooner or later you’ll lean against a hot stove and burn off your fingers. If you deaden all guilt, you’ll eventually find the rest of your body in a similar situation.

The conscience is the carnal entity that allows men the knowledge of what is right and wrong, but being a carnal entity it is also able to be hardened if not altogether purged.

The only TRUE solution for this is the indwelling Holy Spirit that is promised to all who have a rebirth of their spirit, are in essence, spiritually born-again. The Holy Spirit, cannot be hardened, for being One with God and Christ Jesus, He will NEVER change and His truths will always remain just that, TRUTH!

Our conscience may at some point lead us astray, if it leads us at all, but the Holy Spirit will ALWAYS lead us to God, the Father through Jesus Christ.

One additional benefit is that guilt can be used by the enemy of our souls to put us down and make us seem less in God’s eyes. The Holy Spirit will ALWAYS reveal to us God’s unfailing love to us!

Just a couple things to think upon and contemplate!

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    This is definitely a problem in America today

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