Blessings To God and To Others

Dear Heavenly Father;

Blessings and honor Father are yours through our Lord Jesus Christ, Who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in Christ Jesus. Father, how can we thank You enough for the amazing grace, mercy and unconditional love that has been showered down on all of us as Your children without measure and without cost.

We bless and thank You for choosing us before the foundation of the world to become Your children and joint-heirs with Christ Jesus our Lord. You have set us apart to be holy and blameless before You all the days of our lives. You have even adopted us as Your sons and daughters and seated us together with Christ in heavenly places. Your goodness is beyond comprehension and Your loving-kindness causes our hearts to rejoice in You and humbles us in our spirit.

Father, You are so precious and we humble ourselves before You today and say thank You. Thank you for the blessings that You bestow that are new each and every morning. You are an AWESOME God and Heavenly Father and You are worthy of our praise and exultation each and every day.

We thank You that You are with us continually throughout each and ever day and Your love continues throughout to support us, to guard and protect us as we go about our daily lives and then even continues into the dark of night. Lord, truly in every moment our hope is totally in You.

Lord, when we count our many blessings, they are truly too many to comprehend for great is Your faithfulness to us each and every day. Lord, increase our capacity to love not just You, but those neighbors around us and as You have blessed us, help us to be a blessing, through love, to others just as graciously without regard of anything in return.

You have not only supplied our every need but have blessed us with so  much more than we can even ask for and for that we bless Your holy Name for ever and ever.

Forgive us for any of our transgressions Father, whether intentional or unknown and unintentional for we look to You through Your Son, our Redeemer, Jesus Christ. Help us to always forgive others as You have forgiven us and help us to love the lost as You do.

We recognize in all sincerity that we are not worthy of Your love and there is no way we can even begin to earn it and yet You have lifted us up and seated us together with Christ in heavenly places. We worship and adore You and we bless Your holy name for ever and ever and pray these things in the precious Name of Jesus Christ, Your Son.

Amen and AMEN!

About Roland Ledoux

Pastor of Oasis Bible Ministry, an outreach ministry of intercessory prayer, encouragement and exhortation of the Word of God and author of the ministry blog, For The Love of God. I live in Delta, Colorado with my beautiful wife of 49+ years and a beautiful yellow lab whom we affectionately call Bella.
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    Awesome words of praise and thanksgiving. Thanks for sharing with us,.

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