A Holding Pattern – Revisited

This first part is not mine, but I have found comfort in it over the years and so I kept it archived in my files. I have used the idea of holding patterns in the past and right now is a perfect time to revisit the concept with an eye toward God’s plans and purpose.

*If you’re a seasoned air traveler, chances are you’re familiar with the term “holding pattern.”

That’s when your plane is unable to land because of unfavorable ground conditions. Generally, the pilot announces that he’s been told to maintain a holding pattern, pending an update from the control tower.

It happens regularly, so planes have to carry enough fuel to stay airborne until they can land safely.

The Bible says, “Wait for the Lord; be strong. Let your heart take courage.”

When God puts you in a holding pattern, it’s not just a question of having enough faith to receive His promise. It’s also a matter of having enough “spiritual staying power” to stay airborne until it comes to pass. That’s why you need to carry enough spiritual fuel to handle delays and wait for clearance.

The Bible refers to the Holy Spirit as “a rushing mighty wind” (Acts 2:2). After God had delayed Noah long enough to accomplish His purpose, “He sent a wind” (Genesis 8:1).

Anytime a wind comes from the presence of God, it blows away all hindrances and obstacles. It dries the ground under your feet so you can move ahead. It demolishes the spirit of fear and heaviness that makes you want to quit.

David asked God, “What is man that you are mindful of him?” (Psalm 8:4).

Even in times of frustration and waiting, God is still thinking about you and working everything out for your good.

His delays aren’t denials.

So, when you sense a divine breeze in your spirit, rejoice. It’s a sign that He’s clearing you to land and good things are about to happen.

By Agyeman Fordjour

*Credit Source: https://www.allworship.com/holding-pattern/

Today, there is so much talk about the Church being awakened and stirred up and I believe that God is doing exactly that, BUT, I also believe that when God starts to speak to us through His Holy Spirit we as the Church of Christ are not to be reactive, but rather, the Church is to be ACTIVE! In other words, we move as directed by the Holy Spirit; remember, Christ Jesus is the Head of the Church, spiritual wisdom and direction comes from Him through His Spirit.

Some of the things I have been hearing lately just causes me to shake my head because I see so much REACTION to what is going on around us rather than wise spiritual action. You see, in the past, throughout history, when the Lord wanted His Church to move forward, there has always been a time to pause and to think about what the Lord is saying to us so that we can move at His direction and in His wisdom.

When aircraft are in holding patterns, they are in constant communication with the tower for direction and the wisdom in holding a pattern that is based on the knowledge of those in that tower. So it is with God. When things are happening like we are seeing right now in our Nation and in the World, God is not silent or still. He HAS a wise spiritual plan to be fulfilled and He uses His servants. But we as servants have to wait for the commands to proceed in what ever direction and in whatever order, the Lord deems wise.

When His people are reactive to situations rather than acting on His Words, that is when confusion and collisions tend to happen and the results are NOT what God had planned. It is not easy to just “fly around in circles” watching everything going on below or before us, yet, when we are in that holding pattern, we have a better vantage point than those on the ground. There is also an order to God’s plans, for there are those that are supposed to “land” first and accomplish what they are to do and then others follow in the wisest order set by the Holy Spirit.

Our Heavenly Father has ALWAYS been a God of order. After all, He created order out of chaos and bright light to separate the darkness. His Character hasn’t changed even the slightest, but we as impatient creatures have a tendency to want to just charge ahead, when order is the necessary circumstance for God’s perfect will to be accomplished.

As I stated, it’s not always easy to watch and not do, but even in the watching, we SHOULD be in constant communication and communion with He Who is in the “tower!” If we maintain our faith (our “fuel”) we will have the strength to stay where God wants us to stay until it is time to actually deliver what He has equipped us to deliver at the proper time.

Remember, just because we see some moving forward and doing, doesn’t mean that we are all to just jump in the pile and add our abilities. God has given us our gifts and abilities to be used at His discretion and not our own. We must never forget that He is the One Who is always in control, no matter how the situation around us looks. We take our commands and our orders from Him, for it is His wisdom that will see the job or situation accomplished according to His will.

The TRUE Church NEEDS to be stirred, but it needs to be stirred like the pilot of the plane that is in constant communication with the controller and doing exactly what the controller states. When we as the Church follow our Controller’s direction there will be a very discernable difference between the True Church of Christ Jesus and the religious organization that is trying to counterfeit the True Church!

I hope this gives you something to think AND seriously pray about in this time of turmoil in the world. God IS and ALWAYS has been in control and He KNOWS what He is doing!

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