Prayer For The Nations

March 29, 2020 has been designated a day of prayer and fasting for the Nations and for the situation concerning the Coronavirus.

Heavenly Father;

Lord we come to You today in meekness and humility. We acknowledge, as Your children, Your Sovereignty and we sincerely Magnify and Exalt You above all things. We recognize AND know that You alone are worthy of our Praise and our Worship. We are in agreement with our Brothers and Sisters throughout the world in lifting our voices and our hearts to You, in one accord.

Lord, we have seen Your Hand on the world in the past and we also know that many in the world who should know better have rejected You and Your principles, Your Holiness and Purity and Your desire for uprightness in a person’s heart is well known. We may not know whether this situation with the Coronavirus that the world is facing is directly from You, but we DO know that You in Your power and authority can use ANY situation to cause people to turn their faces and thoughts to You, even situations that mankind themselves initiated!

Your children have been acknowledging that Your judgement upon the unrighteous and blatantly sinful is long overdue, yet Lord we also recognize and acknowledge Your longsuffering and compassion on Your creation so that man has a chance to repent and turn to You. We DO pray that Your Holy Spirit would move upon the heart of man so that their blinded eyes might be opened to the TRUTH of Your Presence and Your Hand. At least allow them to see the truth so that they are without excuse when the day of judgement does come.

Father in Heaven, we lift up to You, here in the U.S. our President, Donald Trump, the man that You in Your plans and wisdom has appointed for this time we are living in. We ask that You protect Him, circle him with Your Guardian Angels that he and his family might be protected while his enemies want to see him destroyed. Lord, we’ve seen Your protection to Your appointed leaders of the past and we pray that You in Your Authority do the same for him and his whole family.

We pray also for Your servant Vice-President Mike Pence and his family and Father, please supply him and his the same protections as he tries to be a support to the President and a service to You and Your children. Bless him as his soul continues to seek You. Bless him for his inspiration upon the President.

Father, we also pray for the other righteous leaders You have placed into positions of authority and ask that You protect them as well. We are aware that not everyone around the President and Vice-President have the best motives, but we do trust whole-heartedly in Your ability to protect the leaders You have placed and appointed. We thank You so much for Your wisdom that is beyond our understanding and the plans that You have for the benefit in the long-run for Your children.

Dearest Lord, that includes whatever plans You have for the situation with the Coronavirus. More than anything Lord, we desire to see Your perfect plans and will unfold and that as they do unfold, Your Glory WILL be demonstrated throughout the world! Lord, we recognize we NEED revival and not a showy demonstration meant to satisfy people’s emotions, but something that truly changes people’s spirits from deep within. We need a reawakening in this world, for we know that according to Your Word, it is Your will for revival right before You send Your Son back to us!

Revival Lord, is probably the greatest need this world has right now! Things are moving along as You have revealed to us in Your written Word and the signs of the seasons are obvious to see to those who truly are Yours! Send us revival, oh Lord and prepare our hearts for the duties You have appointed and called us to fulfill.

Father, there is a spirit of fear and panic that has even been tempting some of Your children and we who are a bit more mature know that it is because of where they are in their faith. We truly pray for our young Brothers and Sisters in the Lord, realizing that natural age has nothing to do with their spiritual maturity. We pray that You Holy Spirit would touch them mightily in situations where they start to second-guess the circumstances and are tempted to fear. Let them know, in their hearts and spirit that You will NEVER leave them nor forsake them just as Your Word emphatically states more than once. Allow them that supernatural strength that is promised in Your joy for them being Your children!

Dearest Father, forgive us for falling into doubt and fear. We KNOW better that it does not come from You. We also know that we are not pleasing You when we are tempted and fall into doubt, panic and fear. Heal us of those doubts Lord and as Your Word states, “Create in me a clean heart, oh God and renew a right spirit within me!”

Help us who have been serving You longer to be patient with our younger Brothers and Sisters in Christ. Forgive us for our impatience and Lord anoint us to be an encouragement and inspiration to them and a strength in times of doubt.

Dear Lord, more than anything we want Your most PERFECT WILL to be accomplished in our lives and in the world! We WANT and desire that Your Glory and Your Glory alone be manifested among the nations. Our pray and desire that those who choose to reject You and Your precepts will KNOW, beyond a reasonable doubt that You and You alone are sovereign and if they choose to remain hard-hearted, stubborn and rebellious, then Your never-changing Word will apply to them as well. Lord, do NOT let Your Name and Character continue to be slandered.

Father, we know that one of the most precious treasures that we have from You is the ability to choose our destiny in You from a free will. We know that You desire none to perish, but we also know with all the LOVE that You have manifested and demonstrated in the world that there will always be those who choose to exercise that free will to reject You. Help us to pray for them, and thus demonstrate Your love in our prayers, but help us also to comprehend how something like that can be.

Father, again we acknowledge Your power, authority and above all else Your Sovereignty in Your Creation! We pray again, Your will be done in all things. Help Your children to understand, help those who are tempted to doubt and Father in Heaven, help us by Your Holy Spirit to ever please You by continuing to walk in faith, not relying on our emotions or what we see, but rather believing everything You have left us in Your written Word.

Lord, we humbly ask that You hear us and answer these prayers prayed in the authority and the Name of Your only begotten Son, our Lord, Jesus Christ. Amen and AMEN!

About Roland Ledoux

Pastor of Oasis Bible Ministry, an outreach ministry of intercessory prayer, encouragement and exhortation of the Word of God and author of the ministry blog, For The Love of God. I live in Delta, Colorado with my beautiful wife of 49+ years and a beautiful yellow lab whom we affectionately call Bella.
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