Preach, Teach The Whole Word of God

Was relaxing this afternoon for a bit and praying and a thought came to me and I truly believe the Lord gave this to me for those involved in any of the five-fold ministry, which of course deals with teaching the Word of God to one degree or another. Oh yeah, and if you happen to be one who doesn’t believe the five-fold ministry is for today and some of those ministries CEASED when the church was established and then no longer needed, then this is DEFINITELY for you!

When the government wants to keep its people blind to certain facts, mainly due to their theories that the “common man” isn’t intelligent enough, they put out pages of material that SHOULD be, for the most part available to whomever asks to see them. These documents come with what is known as redactions. Parts are blacked out in the areas that the wise, benevolent government deems are too much information for the lowly “common man,” you know the ones paying THEIR salaries. Below you will find an example of what I mean.

Well, by the same token I realize that many in the “teaching” ministries have a tendency of doing the same thing. You see, we have this Book called the Bible with at least 66 Books that are approved Canon by the mainstream denominations. To many “common folk” the words within these pages are steadfast and true and have stood the test of time for literal centuries. They ARE recognized as Divinely Inspired by the Holy Spirit working on the hearts of the various authors. In other words, they are God’s Words given to mankind by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

In the last couple of centuries we have had doctrines develop such as Cessationism which came about largely in part because of the Roman Catholic churches claims of miracles. Now I am not going to put my God in a box and say miracles didn’t happen, but some “brilliant” theologians came up with the idea that once the Church was established after the circumstances recorded in the Book of Acts (Actually The Acts of the Apostles), the gifts of the Spirit and the majority of ministries were all combined into the teaching, preaching and evangelistic ministries. Now this is an explanation in a nut-shell, you can look up the debate between Cessationism vs Continuationism on Bing or Google if you so desire.

All I KNOW is that the inspiration and working of the Holy Spirit in lives did not stop when the early church formed. If it did, the Lord would have instructed the inspired Apostles to STATE that fact emphatically so we wouldn’t be misled as the Body of Christ. But as we know, the Holy Spirit still indwells the born-again, spiritually reborn believer even today when we accept Jesus Christ as Savior and Redeemer. Jesus Himself promised He would be given to all who accept Him so that we could do greater (at least in number) deeds than He did. Why can that be? Because Jesus was One Man, divine for sure, but He was only able to go where His feet led Him so that He could experience what we do. The Holy Spirit, His Spirit abiding in each of us, has all of us, if surrendered to Him, available to be the vessels He wants us to be.

Without the Holy Spirit’s continued work, denominations wouldn’t be able to fight over the inspiration of the King James Bible because it came so much later AFTER the Church was founded. Preacher, Teachers and the Evangelists would have to rely upon their own knowledge and study to expound the Word of God which is still unchanging and STILL Living today! Now I could go on and on, including commenting on the state of many denominational churches today who have taught that the Holy Spirit and His gifts have ceased. But since the Bible WAS written during that time of Holy Spirit inspiration I will just say this; unless we all learned Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek we would all be in dire straits when it comes to “studying to show ourselves approved before God!”

Now I tend to look at my Bible as a Whole and as the years have gone by I have learned a lot about that Divinely Inspired Book and I am still learning as I shared with some Brothers and Sisters with other websites just today! If I didn’t believe what was written within the context of the WHOLE Book, I would have to tear out whole sections and especially in the New Testament. My Bible MIGHT still have 66 Books but it would be awfully thin in comparison. I for one am NOT going to let another “religion” or denomination, no matter how large it is world-wide cause me to fear what I may not understand 100% just yet! I will take it on faith and allow the Holy Spirit whom I STILL rely on for inspiration to lead me, guide me and counsel me as promised by my Redeemer! You see, I’m hoping that the “same spirit that raised Christ Jesus from the dead, will also quicken my mortal body” eventually as the Apostle Paul assured us would happen. That might be a bit impossible if He ceased His workings in this age. Of course Paul gave us a lot of other writings on how the TRUE Church, the Body of Christ should conduct itself in the regards to edifying and building up one another. But, those pages might only be historical and not divinely inspired as some tend to believe.

Oh by the way, I know there is a lot of controversy over the five-fold ministry because so many do not like self-proclaimed Apostles and Prophets to go along with their Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers. Personally, I let the Holy Spirit decide that because in five decades of doing ALL sorts of ministry service (redundant phrase I know) I have realized that when it comes to serving the Lord and one another, “we are what we do” and not what someone tells us we are. The title just helps us out in this world system, but in the TRUE Church, the Body of Christ, titles don’t mean beans, only surrendered service does.

I give you a sample below of a page from the Bible and how it might be taught as redacted by some “teachers and pastors” in the churches today. It’s just an example. If you listen to preaching long enough from various teachers, preachers you would have a real idea of just how THIN their Bibles might be.

Now one final thought before you choose to stone me; I love my Brothers and Sisters in Christ dearly and sincerely. Many things that are taught differently that does not effect our salvation or our walk with the Lord is not worth squabbling over, not even a little for that is when the Apostle Paul stated “he only knows/preaches Christ and Him Crucified.” You see, salvation is eternal, some of the other things we fret about will be taken care of when we step over that threshold into eternity. In the meantime, I will continue to respect, for the most part, those denominations that still preach and teach “the Cross of Christ and Him crucified,” but those who choose to enable and condone sinful behavior and lifestyles in the twisted name of “love,” don’t expect me to applaud them, but rather I will be in the forefront reminding them of Jeremiah, and Ezekiel, Daniel and Zephaniah as well as others. God’s Word, as stated before does NOT change and neither does our God Almighty, Heavenly Father to many of us!

One final thought thanks to a post I saw on Facebook by a Brother in Christ, a TRUE Evangelist, Steven Ray Ferguson, “the Bible isn’t full of holes; don’t teach from it as if it were” and what I like to tell people, “the Bible is not a restaurant menu of which you can pick and choose what you want and discard or ignore what you don’t like.”

Now, sincerely, if I have offended you, I’m sorry for that isn’t my intent, but just maybe you CAN take it up with the Lord in prayer! God Bless!

About Roland Ledoux

Pastor of Oasis Bible Ministry, an outreach ministry of intercessory prayer, encouragement and exhortation of the Word of God and author of the ministry blog, For The Love of God. I live in Delta, Colorado with my beautiful wife of 50+ years and a beautiful yellow lab whom we affectionately call Bella.
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