A Thanksgiving Prayer

Yes, I know; I am posting this days after we have celebrated Thanksgiving in the U.S., but I have said it before and others have reiterated the fact that if we are IN Christ, everyday SHOULD be a Thanksgiving Day!

With that in mind and the thought that being thankful truly is an attitude of a spiritual life, I offer this wonderful prayer from a long-time Brother in Christ.

Please, don’t just read it; apply it to your heart and spirit. Keep it as a treasure where moth, rust and thief cannot steal it from you! By the way, visit Brother Don’s site for great expository teachings and loads of encouragement and inspiration! And sincerely, God bless you greatly!

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This is something that I wrote some years ago, but it still applies today…

Father, I thank you for all of the ways in which you have blessed me and my family.  Our blessings are so great that it is hard to list them all, but I’d like to highlight some of them.

Thank you for my wonderful spouse, she loves me in spite of my many faults, and she is a joy in my life.  Thank you for my children, guide them in all that they do so that they may always be pleasing in your sight.  I thank you for my home and material blessings; Lord you have out done yourself!

I thank you for my Nation and my community, and for the freedom that we usually take for granted.  I also thank you for my church family, may you continue to bless them and guide them through…

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