The Truth Can Set You Free

The Atheist was fond of comparing Christianity with Mythology. He fancied that, one day, historians would look upon this “mythology” in much the same way today’s historians now view ancient Greek and Roman myths. Never mind that the Judeo-Christian truths as stated in the Bible have already survived much longer than the Greek and Roman civilizations combined. He didn’t care that, even at the height of these civilizations, few actually believed in those stories as factual accounts. Nor did Greeks or Romans look to myths as insights into who we are, how we got here, Who God is or what He’s like, as Christians have always done with the Bible. It was usually viewed as either a source of entertainment or, in the case of the Romans, nationalistic pride. In fact, that was one reason for the persecution of Christians by some Roman emperors in the first three centuries. It was not because they felt their religion threatened, but because they felt that Christians’ non-acceptance of Roman myths made them unpatriotic and anti-Roman. The Christians had simply come to believe in the resurrection of Christ as an immovable truth.

But none of this seemed to matter to the Atheist.

No, the Atheist insisted on lumping all religious people together as dreamers who made up their own conception of God. Pity he never noticed that, every so often, he would meet people whose conception of God defined them.

If the Atheist had been willing to look, he would have seen an entire counterculture of such individuals. These were people whose conception of God defined them instead of those who conformed a God to what they already believed, thus making themselves God. The atheist, though, looked at those who attended church, considered this the definition of a Christian, and concluded that there was no other difference. In this he was sadly correct more often than not. So hardened had he become that, even when he did meet full-time believers, he wouldn’t recognize them. So, because he failed to see God in people, he concluded there was no God at all. It never occurred to him that he may have been looking in the wrong place.

Until one day, the Atheist looked up. He knew no human had made the stars. He knew there was no Zeus there. And somehow, the Big Bang Theory seemed wholly inadequate. For one thing, no matter how far back in time he looked, he still had to explain what was there first. What (who?) was there before anything was there?

This, he knew, was the definition of God. He Who was there before anything was there.
So the Atheist, looking into the sky, unable to explain what –Who– was there before anything was there, and knowing there’s no better definition of God in any dictionary, realized he was no longer an atheist.

So the non-atheist looked into the Book of Creation to find out Who God is. He discovered that all Christians are heirs to God’s legacy through the ages. Going back through the Jewish prophecies of a promised Messiah and beginning with the design and creation of the universe, the non-atheist found a single thread woven through the Book of Creation. He saw the same rebellion in his own heart that had caused Adam to turn against God. He saw that this had blinded him to the existence of He Who was there before anything was there.

Most of all, he saw God’s plan for recapturing the hearts of all the Adams throughout history. He saw prophesies written that foretold of the coming Messiah. And he saw in one Jesus of Nazareth, the fulfillment of these prophesies. The non-atheist realized that he owed his life to He Who was there before anything was there. This was a debt he could not pay. So he rejoiced when his eyes fell upon the words: “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved…” (Acts 16:31). And he fell on his face in awe when he read the words: “For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, not of works, lest anyone should boast.” – Ephesians 2:8-9.

Author Unknown. From an email circulation years ago.

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