Prayer For Online Ministries

This is a prayer that I wrote back in 2010 for several online ministries that were not just struggling, but having doubts as to their credibility as ministries. The Lord led me to online ministry back in 1996 after having suffered a debilitating injury that caused hardship standing behind the pulpit after a couple of years. Through this though, I found literally countless ill, handicapped and disabled brothers and sisters online searching for fellowship and truth in teaching the Word of God that the local churches had abandoned!

If you are called to share your gifts in online ministry, do NOT doubt the power or leading of the Holy Spirit! Remember what the Apostle Paul wrote in Romans 11:29, “For the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable.” Our Heavenly Father through His Holy Spirit is never sorry and will never take away the gift of ministry He has called you too. He will ALWAYS make a way for a servant who is humble and willing!

Our Heavenly Father knew back then just how far-reaching and extensive this online phenomenon would become! Don’t ever doubt His reach, his ability OR His Love to those He calls His children!

Dearest Father in Heaven, there isn’t a second that goes by that You don’t deserve our Praise or Exaltation, yet Father we Praise You and Glorify You not just because You deserve it but because we love You and recognize your Majesty and Glory. You ARE worthy of or Praise and You alone ARE worthy of our Exaltation and we lift our hearts AND our spirits to You in Praise and we are in AWE at Your Majesty!

Father, we recognize and realize we don’t Praise you enough and yet we are aware that Your Love for us is none-the-less for us and towards us and in fact Your love seems to grow even more each and every day. We know that is just our perception, but we know from Your Word that Your love is sure and it is True. We so thank You for what You do for us and for what You give us on a daily basis and I lift my heart to You and ask You to cause us to Love You more and more for WHO You are and not just for what You do for us. You deserve so much more from us, help us, cause us, instill in us the desire and the ability to let praise for You be continually upon our hearts, spirit and lips as we go through each and every day!

Your will for us is perfect in love and it only takes a little for us to see that perfection transform our lives into the children You desire us to be. We long to be in Your presence, we long for Your ways to be the ways of all people and we long for all people to know, feel and see Your love in its truest and most perfect form.

Dearest Heavenly Father, continue to create in each and every one of our hearts and in our spirits the people You want us to be, toward You and toward each other, with the same kind of Love, Kindness, Compassion, Mercy, Forbearance, care etc., that Your Son, Christ Jesus demonstrated when He walked this earth with His disciples, Your children! Cause that love to continue to build us into the Church, the Bride that You would have us be and to be able to give love unselfishly to one another with no strings attached. We have so far to go, but with Your Holy Spirit, we KNOW that there is NOTHING impossible at all within You, and in each of us You can accomplish anything, anything at all!!

Dearest and Exalted Majesty, cause that love to bind us together in the spiritual unity and oneness that exemplifies Your Glory and Your Love! Cause that unity, that bond to be a light to each and every one that we come into contact with, whether family or stranger or acquaintance. Let Your light shine through us that Christ Jesus can and will be lifted up and that others will see Christ without doubt and not ourselves personally. May You receive ALL Glory and Praise because of the Love that You instill in us through Your Holiest Spirit!

Father of Lights, illuminate our inner hearts and minds to see those mistakes, transgressions and sins that we may have committed to our brothers and sisters, whether intentional or through ignorance unknowingly. Forgive us for those sins and selfish actions and restore us to that place that You desire us to be in, a spirit of unity in a bond of peace. Cause us to be One in You as You wash us in the Blood sacrifice of Your Son, our Redeemer Jesus Christ.

And Father, cause us to forgive those brothers and sisters that have transgressed or sinned against us and help us to make a conscious effort to bring peace and unity back into our spiritual family through the Fruit of Your Holy Spirit as we ACT accordingly toward one another; With Love, with Peace, with Joy, with Patience, etc., for we know that walking and living the spiritual life You would have us live in the service of one another is action and not just based on how any one of us might be feeling. We know that serving You and one another is a movement forward, closer and closer toward You, through Christ Jesus until that day when we truly are One in Him, as He brings us into Your presence!

Dearest and Loving Father, we all make mistakes, we all “miss the mark” and as Your Word tells us there “is none good, no not one.” Forgive us for those shortcomings and outright sinfulness and help us, cause us, to forgive the same in one another and help us to remember that our example, our guidance is the example set by Your Son, our Master and Lord! Help us and cause us to be just like Him, ever more as each day goes by until that day when “He which is perfect returns” for each of us! May He find us “practicing” a life of righteousness, a life of true agape love, a life of unselfish service to You and to one another.

Father, in these online groups and ministries, create in us a unity and a love that will astound others and be a light on this internet for others to emulate and follow. Bless each and every ministry that is being guided by Your Holy Spirit in the direction that You are leading and strengthen each and every Brother, Sister, Leader and Member and each ministry that each individual entails so that we might not falter when times get a little tough and when the storms of the world order and the enemy try and buffet us about. Cause us to find that strength in Your presence, in Your Joy, but also in one another and as Your Apostle Paul said in Galatians, “let us bear one another’s burdens” just as Christ bears ours. Continue to help us, to teach us to DEMONSTRATE our love, even in a “virtual” environment like this that You have led each of us too. Help us to remember that behind every keystroke and every word, is a real life, a very real spiritual brother or sister that isn’t complete and can’t be complete without each and every other one of us to help make them complete in You!

For all these requests mentioned and dearest Father for so many more that come to the hearts, minds and spirits of those reading this prayer may you meet those needs in Your will as we come together in spiritual unity and agreement. So many of us may be physically disabled, but help each and every one to see that we are NOT spiritually disabled even the slightest when we stand in unison and agreement in YOU! Help each of us to remember that these bodies are decaying anyone, but it is the spirit that will live on. Your Word tells us, “what we see is temporary, what we don’t see, is eternal.”

Now I pray that You would graciously and lovingly bless each and every member of Your Body who visits and benefits from online ministries. Bless each family involved and bless each ministry of service that we offer in remembrance of You and Your love. Cause my Brothers and Sisters to be lifted up so that each light might shine brightly from them as they serve You and each other in ministry, illuminating each area that they are involved in and allowing the Light of Christ to shine forth even more brilliant than the sun! May You continue to be Glorified and Magnified in our Love for not only You but for one another as well, a true, eternal Love based in Your Spirit and Your Truth and not in any earthly wisdom. Your Church was once recognized by the love they showed one another; help us to redeem that character, that attribute among ourselves.

I ask (for myself and my brothers and sisters) all these things, and I give You all the Praise and Glory and Exaltation that You deserve and is rightly Yours, by the authority that You have given to each of us in the Name of Your Son, our Redeemer, Christ Jesus!!

Amen & Amen!!

Given sincerely from the heart with Christ’s Love;

Pastor Roland (originally 2010)

About Roland Ledoux

Pastor of Oasis Bible Ministry, an outreach ministry of intercessory prayer, encouragement and exhortation of the Word of God and author of the ministry blog, For The Love of God. I live in Delta, Colorado with my beautiful wife of 49+ years and a beautiful yellow lab whom we affectionately call Bella.
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