My Sincere Prayer For All of You Today!

Gracious, Mighty and Merciful, Heavenly Father, I come to you today with an open heart, my mind set upon You and all Your wondrous ways! Truly there is none like You Lord and this truth is ever present before us!

Your wisdom and knowledge dear Father is beyond imagining and we can only guess at the heights to which Your LOVE is expressed to us. If we allow our spirit to see and allow Your Spirit to show us, we can see Your love in everything created! When I look at the stars, I see Your wisdom and love for us, mere humans who don’t deserve and yet who are subject to all You have for us! We are ever in awe of your Majesty!

My precious Father, I come to you for each and every person that You in Your great wisdom and love has brought our way! Whether they are active here today or just stopped through one time and gleaned from what You prepared for them for this day, I lift them up to YOU! I do this as an honor to You and as a demonstration of my love for You and for them, my brothers and sisters, created in Your likeness!

watchingoverI know that You already have Your hand upon each of them and that You have prepared the paths before them with all the knowledge You had of them before You created this very world for us! Father, Precious Guide and Counselor, reveal to all Your children how much You care for them and wish only the best for each and every one. Let Your children realize and bask in the assurance and security that the knowledge of Your foresight is a blessing to each one of us individually and something that we can have great confidence in.

Father, for those that are ill, sick in body, sick in heart, those that are lost in their feelings, allow Your Holy Spirit, our Comforter and Teacher, to reveal to them just how much You truly DO Love and care for each of them. Only You have the power and ability to love each of us individually more than anything else in the universe! We can’t even begin to comprehend it and yet Your Word is Truth and has no shade of falsehood, so we choose to believe in that love that is unfathomable and yet unquestionable!

Your will is ever sovereign and Your wisdom is beyond compare! We trust in Your ability to keep us in the palm of Your hand no matter what our physical situations appear. Your Grace is always sufficient to sustain and yes to empower us to continue in You! For those that are suffering, help us, their brothers and sisters and their neighbors to share in their burdens. Increase the capacity for love in each of our hearts that we may truly share and be a strength to one another, not just in times of need but at ALL times!

For those who have slighted us, whether intentional or not, give us the wisdom, the strength to demonstrate our love for your creation by forgiving them and forgiving them sincerely without recourse. Teach us HOW TO forgive. Strengthen us to forgive. Empower us to forgive. We CHOOSE Your way over ours. Your Word tells us too, it shows us that in forgiveness is freedom and liberty! Forgive all those that we feel took advantage of us and let the love of that forgiveness shine forth in action so that it is not just a string of words but life to the other!

pipwfc2We ask that You forgive us for our sinfulness to our neighbor, to our brothers and sisters. We ask that Your Holy Spirit, the Convicter, the Convincer of our faith, illuminate our hearts and minds and reveal any hidden areas that need to have light shed upon them! When You reveal to us whom we have slighted, empower us with Your love to sincerely apologize and repent to our brother or sister whom we may have hurt!

Your Kingdom, Your Sovereignty is based on righteousness; right-standing in Christ, Jesus our Redeemer! Help us to be the light, the beacon on the hill, the lighthouse necessary for those encompassed by the storms of life to see their way through the darkness that the enemy of this world has blinded them with! Help us that the process of shedding light, of clearing a way through the darkness is not found in mere words, but in actions. A light chases away the darkness. It is action, it is progressive. Help us to be that active light in a world of ever increasing darkness. Help us to remember that it is our actions that empower the light to shine in the lives of others!

Above all, you see our hearts and sincerity; above all, let Your will be accomplished in our lives, in our gifting’s, in our relationships with one another, in all that we say and do. May You be proud of your sons and daughters just as You were of our Example that You sent us when You proclaimed, “This is My Son in Whom I AM well-pleased!” May we only boast of our Gracious Father and all You do!

We ask these things per Your instructions, per Your teaching and Your Will. We seek these things in the Name, in the Authority of the One Who came to give authority; in Christ, Jesus our Lord!! Forever and ever, without out end, Amen and Amen!

With Love from a humbled heart,
Your Brother in Christ—Pastor Roland

About Roland Ledoux

Pastor of Oasis Bible Ministry, an outreach ministry of intercessory prayer, encouragement and exhortation of the Word of God and author of the ministry blog, For The Love of God. I live in Delta, Colorado with my beautiful wife of 49+ years and a beautiful yellow lab whom we affectionately call Bella.
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