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Every once in a while, I get an email or on my Facebook PM, a request for the inspirational websites I might visit. Most of the time it is a question in relation to something I have written or an author I have quoted, or most notably, some poetry I have commented on or used. I follow a lot of WordPress Blog sites and those are listed on another page, but I also use that resource as a starting point for intercessory prayer as most of those sites are individuals just trying to find their little niche in the larger Body of Christ. We NEED to pray for one another as we ARE members of the same Bride, the Body of Christ, the REAL Church.

This is not to say that we should not pray for the larger ministries, because we should, and as members of One Body, more if possible. But, I am preparing this list for those of you who are curious as to who I may look too for inspiration (aside from my fellow bloggers) and most of these I have looked too for many of years and some of them I have actually been a part of their ministry efforts, mainly the poetry sites and writing sites.

If you are blessed by visiting some of these sites, some maybe not so mainstream, then the Body of Christ is strengthened as your are edified and inspired. Keep in mind, that unlike the Blogs Followed, this page is not alphabetized. Also, if you find links that lead nowhere, feel free to drop me a note. I have reviewed this last in September, 2019. Maybe as and if it grows in size it will be. God Bless you all in your further journey along your “ordered” path of the Lord! — Pastor Roland


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