Are We Really Too Busy? – 2

*Pastor’s Note: Here’s the promised second part from our Brother-in-the-Lord, Wally Fry from his Facebook Group, Truth In Palmyra and if you haven’t already checked it out, you need to as it will afford you some tremendous blessings.

As I try to remind people, please stop by his group and let him know you appreciate his ministry for us as well as for the Lord. While you’re there, check out his other posts. Remember, all these articles are a sacrifice of praise and worship to the Lord! (Yes, even the humor!) Give him a like and some encouragement! Let him know his service is appreciated. God Bless!

Truth In Palmyra    By Wally Fry


Monday, we covered that, clearly, daily reading and studying of God’s Word is important for Christians. It matters to God, so it should matter to us. It is rather ironic that one would only know how important it is to God by reading it in His word, though! That is why people like me write stuff like this, I suppose.

So, how are Christians really doing in this area?

A couple of years ago, LifeWay Research released a study with some interesting findings.

The survey found 90 percent of churchgoers agree “I desire to please and honor Jesus in all I do,” and 59 percent agree with the statement: “Throughout the day I find myself thinking about biblical truths.” While the majority agree with both statements, there is a significant difference in the strength of agreement. Nearly two-thirds of churchgoers (64 percent) strongly agree with the first statement, but only 20 percent strongly agree with the second.

However, when asked how often they personally (not as part of a church worship service) read the Bible, a similar number respond “Every Day” (19 percent) as respond “Rarely/Never” (18 percent). A quarter indicate they read the Bible a few times a week. Fourteen percent say they read the Bible “Once a Week” and another 22 percent say “Once a Month” or “A Few Times a Month.”

Here is some data from the American Bible Society:

If they do read it, the majority (57 percent) only read their Bibles four times a year or less. Only 26 percent of Americans said they read their Bible on a regular basis (four or more times a week).

So I ask, what’s our problem? We know what the problem is; I should have asked: What’s our excuse? Today, we are only talking about the, “I don’t have time” excuse.

Does that seem harsh, to call it an excuse? All I can really say is that we ought to be happy Jesus found the time to complete His work on the cross. Maybe that would help our perspective a little bit.

That’s it for today. Come back Friday and we will discuss some things that might help in our efforts to become more diligent Bible students.

bm are we really too busy - wally fry
Courtesy of Wally Fry and Truth In Palmyra
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