You Were Born For This Time

*Pastor’s Note: My wife and I were watching some updates on the new James Webb Telescope on one of the streaming channels the other day and one of the scientists stated they spent billions on this particular project because everyone wants to know, “why are we here?” Supposedly looking back near the beginning of the universe is supposed to tell us!

It always astounds me when I hear anyone say that because the Bible spells it out so very clearly that even a child can understand it. AND, you don’t have to spent a lot of money! Here’s another beautiful exhortation on that very question by Sister Kathy Boecher, one of my favorite writers and poets. Enjoy and God Bless!

Also, please stop by and let them know you appreciate their ministry for us as well as for the Lord. While you’re there, check out their other articles. Remember, these teachings and exhortations are a sacrifice of praise and worship to the Lord! Give them a like and some encouragement! – Home

rb esther 4_14

The Book of Esther does not mention the name of God within its pages, but He is apparent throughout the entire story. It is a story of patience – waiting for God’s will to be accomplished – and faith that His will is going to be done. Several years ago, I wrote a musical play based on this amazing account of a woman who had her patience tested, who was placed in a beauty contest of sorts – spent a year in the harem of the king while her own people were living in slavery outside the palace. She was born for that particular time and God had great plans for her life. Read this amazing story when you can. It’s a beautiful testament to waiting for God, being patient in your waiting and trusting that His will is going to be done.

These are the lyrics I wrote for the song “Waiting,” with music written by Sarah Siegler those many years ago. I have often had to remind myself of the words. We all have a reason to be alive when we are. God will use us to continue His story.

My God, you have placed me here for a reason.

I don’t know what it is.

I wish I knew your plan for me.

I know I should be patient,

But my mind is filled with fear.

I sit and wait and wonder why.

Why have you chosen ME to be in this place?

Am I the one who must make sure that your work is done?

I know that with you I can do anything.

I will always trust in you.

You are the God of my people.

Just help me to understand what you would have me do.

It’s hard to wait, Lord.  It’s so hard to wait.

I give to you my all.

Use me as you will.

I trust in your direction for my life.

I know I am your instrument

And you will guide my way.

Even when the world is closing in on us, we can rest assured that God has plans for each of us to accomplish during our lifetime. This is your time!

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