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*Pastor’s Note: I have known Brother Don Merritt for some time now and I have always loved his take on the Scriptures but also how they relate to what is going on around us every day. He is an Author, Teacher, Speaker and anything else the Lord needs him to be and one day I will get to meet him and thank him for his inspiration and encouragement to myself AND to the Body of Christ. Please visit his site and let him know you were there and make sure to pray for his ministry while you’re at it!

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Bill was the oldest of four children who grew up in a well-to-do family in the suburbs.  As the children grew up and began to marry, Bill and his Father started a tradition in the family.  Shortly before each of the marriages of the three younger children, Bill and his Dad would get together and buy a car for the new couple as a wedding gift.  Bill would secretly find out what kind of car they really wanted, he and his father would go and pick out just the right one, and Dad would buy it…

When the time finally came for Bill to be married, he received not a car from his Dad, but a Bible.  Bill was outraged.  Thinking that he had been snubbed, he tossed the Bible back at his father and stormed out of the room.  He and his bride then moved away and Bill never saw…

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