Cultivating The Fruit Of Faithfulness

*Pastor’s Note: You never have to look far in WordPress when it comes to certain topics, but when I was looking to share something from someone else, I stumbled across this one and it goes right along with my theme for today from Proverbs. Sister Lesley (a Scottish Sister, I might add) has done a great job of hitting it right on, so to speak. I loved it and am anxious to check out her other writings as well. I ALWAYS love it when I find a great new blog (to me) that is encouraging AND inspiring. And please, stop by her site and say hi and leave a like on some of her posts so she knows we are hearing! Also, please remember to pray for her ministry (service) to us and the Lord!!

Life in the Spacious Place

Faithfulness is a fruit of the Spirit requiring time to grow.
Therefore, in a fast-paced world seeking instant gratification, it is sometimes underrated.
Faithfulness may not be glamorous, exciting, or fashionable, but it’s a fruit with richness and depth making it well worth the effort of cultivating.

Like every fruit of the Spirit, faithfulness begins with God. It is a key attribute of His character, woven through every page of Scripture; His faithfulness is unchangeable. Paul writes,“If we are faithless, He remains faithful, for He cannot deny Himself.”(2 Timothy 2:13)

This is a relief! Firstly, because in a rapidly-changing world, it is comforting to know God is constant, but secondly because we don’t need to look far in Scripture (or the world around us) to see the unfaithfulness of humanity. The whole of the Old Testament is a story of God’s faithfulness despite His people’s failure…

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