Why I Don’t Debate Any More – Redux

I read Brother Don Merritt’s article on debating soon after I started my own website here and it resonated with not just my experiences but also my reasoning for not taking part in debates. I have seen too much hurt and too much division from those who love the debate side of things. It appears to be more of an ego thing than an actual teaching of truth circumstance. Anyway that has been my experience! So I present this as a reminder as well. This is a great article and I stand with Brother Don on this circumstance.

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I’ve mentioned this post recently and thought I’d share it today for those who weren’t here back in October 2013 when it originally ran…

Before you read this be warned! This is a story of a doctrinal debate that happened in a denominational setting where I had the side that the denomination in question did not agree with.  You may well disagree with me on the question, and if that is the case, please understand that I have no intention of causing any offense to you whatsoever, nor do I wish to demean any point of view that differs from mine; this is a story about an incident that I very much regret and in many ways I am the villain of the story!

Twenty years ago, I found myself in a conversation with my boss about Baptism. He is the “Big Guy” in my recent post “Attitudes are powerful.”

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