A Work In Progress ~

As most of you know I truly Love Christian and Inspirational poetry though I have no talent myself. I have missed Sister Deborah’s messages in poetry while fighting cancer, but am more than ready to share some of her gifts now that I am cancer-free! Enjoy AND be blessed!

CHRISTian poetry ~ by deborah ann

I am a work in progress,
you probably are one too
each day Jesus is working
in us something new.

His grace is forming us to be,
His warriors and His saints
He’s shaping us to live a life
with principles and restraints.

He is molding our hearts,
to be sober and clean
so the likeness of Him
in our souls we can glean.

He knows all the lumps,
that need to be reformed
He is shaping us each day
till in Him we’re transformed.

We have unlimited potential,
He’ll never be finished with us
and you and I must believe
His remolding is always just.

I am a work in progress,
you too might be one . . .
every day God is shaping us
into the image of His Son!


Philippians 1.6

“Being confident of this very thing, that he
which hath begun a good work in…

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