My Bride Is Cheating On Me

Another AWESOME message from Dave Peever at Live4Him! Brother Dave definitely has a way of building to a powerful reveal! Learning who he is as I read his posts, I suspected right off what his direction was, but what a powerful and penetrating analogy!

This is a Great Word, and I pray blessings to go his way as he continues to teach and encourage each of us! We individually need to continually ask the Holy Spirit to keep our eyes healed spiritually and our hearts tender and soft. Please visit his site for more, he has so much to offer!

Her ties to her single life are strong and her view of commitment differs greatly from mine. I don’t know if she thinks she can get away with it, if she believes I don’t notice or if she actually doesn’t know that what she is doing is wrong. She must realize that I see her, that I know what she is doing and yet she continues. Maybe it’s that she knows my love is unconditional, that I can’t help loving her, after all my love for her defines who I am. Could she be taking advantage of such an undying love? She says she loves me, she says she wants nothing more than to be my bride and yet my bride is cheating on me.

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  1. Very convicting. I think we all need to stop and consider this “Hosea” perspective every now and then. Thanks for posting.

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