Thoughts On “A Cheerful Heart”

Greetings To All Looking For
A Shot Of Happy Medicine!

If you are looking to start (or end) your day with a smile, you are bound to find something here to tickle your funny bone! If you want to smile, laugh or maybe even chuckle, we have a variety of humorous articles to brighten your day!

Yes, I LOVE to laugh and in fact my wife and adult kids think I am a joke! LOL! Okay, maybe a “jokester,” but you must get the picture by now.

Actually I am adding these humorous jokes, pictures, comics and stories for nothing else than to maybe put a smile not just on your face, but in your heart. Since I am a preacher, let me show you where humor is placed in a couple of Scriptures:

Proverbs 15:13, “A glad heart makes a happy face; a broken heart crushes the spirit.” (NLT)
Proverbs 17:22, “A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit saps a person’s strength.” (NLT)

So you see, if the Lord moved on the Holy Spirit to inspire the writer of Proverbs on the importance of bringing about cheer, joy and happiness, then it must be important to our Lord, our Creator!

You don’t have to feel guilty in having a laugh or walking away feeling like you can’t get the smile off your face. Smiling is contagious, a good thing to practice with others in making it spread!

As you probably can guess, this is a CLEAN humor site. No crude or dirty jokes here. If that’s what your looking for, you’re in the wrong place, evidently. So I hope you will have some fun. In the world we live in today, we ALL need a break now and then to not just put a smile on our face but to renew our perspectives!

However, a word of warning; I am not responsible or liable if your spouse suspects something suspicious because of all the smiles!

Have fun, enjoy life, walk away with a smile! (Or run, your choice!).

About Roland Ledoux

Pastor of Oasis Bible Ministry, an outreach ministry of intercessory prayer, encouragement and exhortation of the Word of God and author of the ministry blog, For The Love of God. I live in Delta, Colorado with my beautiful wife of 49+ years and a beautiful yellow lab whom we affectionately call Bella.
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