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Welcome to Pause for Poetry, featuring a poem, Godly Advice, written by my writer-friend, Frances Gregory Pasch.

Godly Advice

On days when things get hectic

And my head is spinning around,

Jesus takes me by the shoulders

And He gently sits me down.

He whispers, “Do not panic…

Relax and stop a while.

Fatigue causes tension

And robs you of your smile.

“Put everything in order,

Get your priorities straight…

Forget unneeded details,

On key things concentrate.

“Stop all of your rushing,

Tackle one thing at a time…

Slow down and take it easy,

As the ladder of life you climb.

“You don’t have to impress me,

It’s not how much you do,

It’s the way in which you do things…

Just keep My will in view.

“For whatever you accomplish

It’s not for you, but “Me.”

If you put Me first, you’ll triumph

And dwell with Me eternally.”


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