I love articles that make you go “hmmmm,” and make you think and maybe even make you go “WOW!” To me, this is one of those rare gems. From a brother who SAYS he’s a retired minister, yet we all know you NEVER retire from what God has called you to do, you only walk a different avenue to fulfill His calling in your life! Please, visit Brother G.W.’s site for he truly does have some great and inspiring insights!!

His eye is on the sparrow

The bewildering thing of the unexpected happening is that it is so unexpected.

The highs and lows of our lives are often triggered by surprises. Within seconds we are sobbing or laughing — staring in bemused confusion or wishing we would wake up from a bad dream.

Want to pause to trace some surprises through the Bible? Let’s, shall we?

The Book is full of them when you look at certain events through the eyes of people in that day.

Examples . . .

When Adam and Eve came upon Abel’s fresh grave.

When Enoch’s footprints stopped, bang! Suddenly.

When Noah’s neighbors first realized it wasn’t just sprinkling.

When past-prime Sarah said, “The angel wasn’t kidding, Abe!”

When Moses heard words coming from a bush that wouldn’t stop burning.

When Pharaoh’s wife shrieked, “He’s dead! Our son is dead!”

When manna first fell from the sky.

When water first ran…

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