Christians Can Change: Doctrines That Gives Hope For Change

AWESOME and well thought out and prepared teaching on HOW the Holy Spirit changes us (HE does the work!) when we become a “new creature (creation) in Him!!” Please visit Pastor Jim’s site for more!!

The Domain for Truth

Establish the need: We can go over many things that Christians are to do and to become that sometimes it can feel overwhelming.  One might wonder: Can I as a Christian really change?

Purpose: In this session we will consider five truths that should give Christians hope for godly change so that we would continue to fight sin and pursue the Christian life.

    1. Hope for change #1: You are a new creation
    2. Hope for change #2: You are given a new heart
    3. Hope for change #3: You are being sanctified by the Holy Spirit
    4. Hope for change #4: Your circumstances is being used by God to make you like Jesus
    5. Hope for change #5: You will be perfectly sanctified one day

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