No, I Am Not Kidding You.

Love the analogy here! Sorry about the politics BUT, this isn’t about the Left and the Right, Democrat or Republican, Liberal or Conservative.
I have been praying for weeks now and this is about EVIL and RIGHTEOUSNESS! You don’t have to agree with me, but you can’t deny what is and has been playing out in front of not just Americans, but the world.
As Christians, we need to pray for LIGHT to be shown on the dark and hidden and we need to pray above ALL ELSE for God’s WILL to be accomplished! Not just in the lives of Brett Kavanaugh and his family, but in the upcoming elections on November 6th!

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I am not kidding you.  A man robbing a convenience store—while holding a gun to the clerk’s head—called the police to complain that the clerk would not open the till, unless the thief first purchased something.

Democratic leaders are exactly like that armed bandit.  While committing a crime—they not only falsely accuse the victim of a crime—they call the FBI.

As a nation swimming in moral confusion—we can’t see the towering injustice of this entire lurid affair against Judge Brett Kavanaugh.  But that is not even the worst of it.

Now imagine if the police had sympathized with the armed intruder and investigated to see if the clerk had behaved properly. Imagine if members of his own family questioned the clerk’s reluctance to give into the robbery.  (Jeff Flake.)

Republicans should be outraged in the face of tyranny—they should push for the vote, confirm Kavanaugh, and let the chips fall…

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