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10522415_10201072964104576_4898188832115141887_nART & POETRY BY PAUL & KATHY BOECHER©

A great nation once united, now tarnished black with hate,

One nation bound by God’s own love, lies corrupt at Satan’s gate,

We hold all these truths apparent, that God created man,

We know that He has set us free, from Satan’s ugly hand,

Our God will once more lead our land, if we allow Him to,

He’ll lead us to true freedom, unite us through and through,

We simply must believe in Him and turn our prayers His way,

To trust in His intervention, and let Him guide each day,

We will only know true freedom, and feel that peace within,

When we join and be united, and put our faith in Him.

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    praying Our Heavenly Father blesses you good folks much


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