To My Christian Family and Friends:

This is going to be a long read and if you are concerned about my spiritual teaching or heart, as indicated by some of my fellow Christians, it will behoove you to take the time to read this. First, I am an ordained minister of the Gospel, ordained and licensed to preach the Word of God with authority and conviction. Second, I have no formal schooling in theology but DECADES of teaching where the Holy Spirit has placed me to learn how to do and how not to do the things He and He alone has called me to accomplish in ministry/service to the Church. His Spirit has also gifted and equipped me to fulfill that calling and though at times I took the softer approach to teaching on Godly love (within the Church) I have not been blind to the sometimes firm stance that TRUE Agape love requires! Remember, I am now speaking to those who claim to be my Christian brothers and sisters, family AND friends, not the lost!

Several of my true Christian friends have expressed concern for my posting a lot of fear and hate posts – all with gusto and enthusiasm on my personal Facebook timeline. I have to respond and for my dear brother who already received a response, I was getting ready for a doctor’s appointment and trying to get my thoughts in order. That response was not complete, though the part there was from the heart.

For those of you living in another country, England, Australia, Canada, Mexico and South America including the Philippines and Sri Lanka, I am an American citizen of the United States of America, by my natural birth. I say this to let you know that I am living the life of an American who is trying to walk according to the spiritual Kingdom of Christ.

I HATE the way the United States government has devolved into corruption, deception and gross evil. I LOVE my country and its people though I don’t always agree with the actions or lifestyles of its people. When I say I hate the government, it is because of the willingness to continue in sinful practices when those in charge of much of the government CLAIM to be Christian! A recent study I have done shows that the people of our country CLAIM to be Christian in the percentages of 84% declining to approximately 72% from 2009 to 2014! It is to those 70 – 85 percentile that I express my outrage and anger at. Why, you may be asking?

First, you have to understand that according to Bible prophecy, there are very few references symbolically to the United States in the last days. There are a couple of references to the eagle, our national symbol and even to the 13 olive leaves which many say symbolize the original founding colonies. I won’t get into that; but suffice it to say the references that can be attributed to the United States recognize it as the son of the Lion, the Lion being a British symbol of which we came from. There are a few other instances that CAN be construed that the United States is the Mystery Babylon of the end times and there are many things that CAN point in that direction, but whether it is or is not is not what concerns me with my postings and comments. What concerns me is that in the last day events right before the return of our Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus, the United States does not seem to have any place in that scenario.

Second, the very foundation on which this country was founded is being denied and removed from every area of our government and I am not talking about just the Bible or the “Ten Commandments.” For those of you who are my fellow Americans, have you ever wondered why the basis of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence so mirrors the Bible in its form and format. Just as Paul himself tells us that “the letter kills but the spirit gives life,” concerning the discernment and understanding the Word of God, so it was with the Founding Fathers of this once great republic! When the Constitution drafted, it was with the intent of the spirit of the document and NOT each dot and tittle! It was the SPIRIT of the Constitution that has kept our country going as a republic as long if not longer than any other in history. We have just concluded celebrating 240 years as a “republic!” Rome itself was just at 200 years or so by the time it was destroyed from within!

Rome was destroyed by the very same things that are toppling the United States of America; corruption from within the elite class, and the allowance of those from without to have free access to its services and rights without having to earn them! It was the greed AND lust for power from the then reigning Senate that was its eventual downfall. Okay, history in a nutshell, you can research the specifics more yourself!

70 – 85 percent of Americans are Christians. So it is claimed. Barrack Obama has claimed to be a Christian out of one side of his mouth, while condemning Christianity as barbaric out of the other and clinging to the precepts of Islam! He doesn’t claim to be a Muslim, yet even to this day, pictures and facts are coming out that he participates and esteems Islam as a religion even going so far in past speeches to say America is an Islamic nation! Proverbs tells us emphatically that “a double minded man is unstable in all his ways!”

When Bill Clinton was president, he and Hillary were proud of the fact that they were well-versed in the Bible and that they were faithful church-goers, Christians, to be exact! Yes, Christians fall and stumble and make mistakes (sin), but a TRUE Christian realizes his sin, repents and continues on in the Grace and Blood of Christ. They do NOT continue in that sin and still claim to be a disciple of Christ, despite what some denominations teach! For 30 years, the Clintons have been caught in sin and corruption and lies, time and time again and never once have they publically (after all they are public figures) claim to be sorry or repentant by their actions.

THIS is what Jesus was talking about in Matthew chapter 7. The first part of that chapter deals with judging others as far as to condemning them to death or hell. Only Christ Jesus will have the final verdict of that kind of judgment, BUT too many forget the latter part of chapter 7 that deals with a different type of judging; the judgment of discerning true from false which is a spiritual gift, a gift that TRUE Christians are supposed to have and to use to protect themselves AND the Church as a whole! This type of judging was expressed by Jesus Himself, to know and to look out for “false prophets (who can come as angels of light) AND of wolves in sheep’s clothing! Those who are ravenous wolves trying to devour and destroy! This kind of judging is to be on the LOOKOUT for the Church’s protection. It is to be a judging within the Church itself. We are commanded to keep the Church free from false prophets and wolves who look like the sheep! How do you accomplish that without pointing out, the FRUIT that falls from that tree??? Can a good tree produce evil fruit and can an evil tree produce good fruit, our Savior asks?

For so long the real Church, hidden among the “brick and mortar” institutions have sat in silence, listening to those who were supposed to keep guard over the flock belonging to Christ and protecting them from the influence of undercover false prophets and wolves. The real Church, prayed and studied and went out from the four walls that boxed in the truth and did what our Savior commanded, “to go into all the world preaching the Gospel, the GOOD NEWS, the hope found in Christ Jesus and Him alone and to baptize (in His Blood) those that heard and accepted the Good News!”

But what have the shepherds been teaching? Go into the world and tell the world (which has been blinded by the god of this world, and by the way does not have the spiritual discernment to understand) that they are bound for a hell of brimstone and fire IF they don’t convert to our “religion!” It turns my stomach at the countless, that have been lost and without hope, searching for someone to show them True HOPE, in the Person of Christ Jesus, to demonstrate Christ’s love to all mankind and especially those He died for, from which we ourselves were redeemed! But yet, we hit them over the “spiritual head” with the threat of eternal punishment if they don’t do things our way! Instead of “go into the world and preach the Good News,” it has become “go into the world and preach hell and damnation!”

To me that sounds just like what Islam is trying to do today, but instead of using physical tactics, our “religion” is using mind tricks and have for decades. It is no wonder, no one wants to listen to someone who claims to be a true Christian for the Church itself has failed to monitor itself from “wolves in sheep’s clothing and false prophets.” The devil hasn’t had to work hard, because even before politics in America made things “politically incorrect” the church organizations have made teaching and preaching the truth within its own walls “politically incorrect” and yet this was prophesied during the time of the Apostles that our churches would succumb to “tickling the ears” of our congregants!

Well, my friends, America is now facing what the Bible has said would take place to those who CLAIM to be God’s elect; for our Heavenly Father will chastise, admonish and discipline those who call Him Father when they walk in disobedience. It has been the same since the Old Testament writings. The laws given to God’s children were for God’s children and NOT for the rest of the world! When God’s children disobeyed, they were chastised by their Heavenly Father. The prophets and patriarchs of old, wrote to instruct, God’s children, just as the Apostles who wrote the Epistles of the New Testament wrote to instruct those who CLAIM to be followers of Christ!

How can those who are blind and without spiritual discernment know about the consequences of sin other than from worldly experience. They need HOPE and REDEMPTION first; and then and only then can you begin to teach the newly born spiritual child how to walk and what to look out for! But for the Church which should know better, we HAVE the LIVING WORD of God to rely on and the Holy Spirit as Counselor to guide and direct us! So, just as the Apostle Paul and the Apostle John and the Apostle Peter hate sin within the Church, so should those who belong to the True Church! But, the sin rampant with those who CLAIM to be a part of the Church has not been addressed, but rather pastors and shepherds have directed the congregations eyes outward to the world and then wrapped themselves into a self-imposed cocoon as if to protect themselves from that world!

Now, when the world looks at Christians, they see people who don’t live anymore loving or righteous lives than they themselves do without religion! Well, America, our judgment is soon coming. True Christians have no need to fear, for our “Lord will never leave us nor forsake us!” His peace, His true peace will be upon all who truly call upon Him. The ones who need to fear, are those who have been playing a con-game for all these years. The sheep’s clothing will fall to reveal the truth, the false prophets will be recognized for who they truly are and they WILL experience fear! Yes, the natural man without a spiritual awakening WILL be in fear and for that, every true, God-fearing Christian should be praying and CARING for those who have been and continue to be blind!

The ministries and spiritual gifts were given to the Church, the Bride of Christ, to make her ready for the Bridegroom; to also keep her spotless and white, for our Heavenly Father tells the Church to “be holy as HE IS holy!” Some denominations don’t even believe that these gifts exist for today but ended at the time of the Apostles and just to establish the Church. How convenient it must be to accept only the Scriptures you want to make your point rather than the WHOLE Counsel of God!!! There is NO denomination that has ALL the answers, but the BIBLE, the LIVING WORD of God does have all the answers. But the True Church can’t pick and choose only those they want! Paul stated this when dealing with differences within the then growing Church, “to preach and know Christ and Him crucified!” That is the key to salvation, to redemption, the rest is how to live in peace and to grow as the Church is meant to grow! The means and the ways of protecting and allowing the Church to grow has been given in the ministries and the gifts given to equip those ministries.

Every True member of the Body of Christ has SOMETHING that has been given as a gift that equips them as servants to the Body of Christ but many are not being taught this fact and so many are not aware that they have a right and a duty to help the Body of Christ to grow and to protect its members!

So, we need to remember that we are NOT of this world, but we do LIVE in it and we are to “occupy until the Lord returns.” This means we have a duty to spread HOPE and the promise of REDEMPTION to the lost AND to keep the Body of Christ “holy as the Lord is Holy” and to protect the individual members from those that would devour them or deceive them!

You CLAIM to be a disciple of the Anointed One (Christ Jesus), then don’t be surprised if more and more who have been called as shepherds to the Lord’s True flock, don’t start to point out the false teachings of these false “believers” and false prophets. Maybe that is not your ministry or calling and that is fine because we all have different ministries. But if you ARE a Christian, you better start listening to the Holy Spirit and you better start using the free gift of discernment (knowing what is true and false on a spiritual level) and you better be praying for not only the lost, but for those that have chosen to move to the front lines of this spiritual battle. You may say that pointing out corruption in those who CLAIM Christianity is hateful and divisive, well may I remind you that the Lord Jesus Himself stated, He came to bring division between mother and daughter and father and son. Not that the Lord WANTS division, but you must CHOOSE Christ even over family or friends or you are NOT His disciple! Not my words, but His!!!

In closing, this is my last WordPress blog post for an indefinite time. I have other areas of ministry I will becoming involved in and if my teaching in this article offends you, then you have every right to do what you think right. I have to answer to my Redeemer and not my friends. I haven’t stopped loving, for I care more for people’s ETERNAL well-being than their possible hurt feelings that will only last for a short time! If I can help one who CLAIMS to be a Christian to recognize their need for turning around, then I will have one a brother or sister back to the Lord as the Apostle Paul says!

One last thing; the Bible prophesies a great Apostasy in the last days. Some who CLAIM to be Christians don’t believe it can happen to a Christian, but my Bible says it will. I will believe my Bible. Apostasy is knowing and living the truth and turning 180% away from it! Apostasy is the exact opposite of Repentance, the knowing and living a life of sin and turning 180% away from it! You can deny it all you want, it will and most likely is already happening and this is what the Bible says is the only “unforgivable sin,” for it is blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. Remember, I am talking to those who claim to be Christians, disciples of Christ, if you need too, get your Bible out and search it out for yourself for it is your responsibility!

From our Redeemer, Christ Jesus:

“But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all things that I said to you. Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.”

“You have heard Me say to you, ‘I am going away and coming back to you.’ If you loved Me, you would rejoice because I said, ‘I am going to the Father,’ for My Father is greater than I. “And now I have told you before it comes, that when it does come to pass, you may believe. I will no longer talk much with you, for the ruler of this world is coming, and he has nothing in Me.” – John 14:26-30.

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