Kitchen Table Conversation: In Re: Roman Goddess Lusticia et al. Versus God, Our Father Almighty

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Church Set Free

Alien Invasion Fears Replaced by

Concern Over Mysterious Celestial Lights

Worldwide Press – 1 February – Everywhere, Earth

Jurists and tourists the world over were astonished to see countless statues and monuments step down from their plinths and ascend radiant golden stairways that mystically appeared before them outside museums, government buildings, and courthouses this morning. An unprecedented broadcast began – source undetermined – following the progress of an extraordinary legal case, apparently proceeding beyond the venue of any earthly jurisdiction. The broadcast is accessible just beyond the cable capacity of all networks, nonetheless appearing on any device or screen whose viewer seeks to find it.

The news broadcast began thus:

Petition was filed in Celestial Court last week, by Plaintiff Goddesses Iusticia, Themis, Dike, Isis, and Maat, (hereinafter referred to as “Plaintiffs Justice”) alleging that Yahweh, the Father God Almighty (hereinafter referred to as “Respondent God”) was not consistently…

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