One Grain of Sand

Read and take to heart. My brother is always so sensitive to the Holy Spirit, but the timing of this, not just for me, but for the CHURCH today is spot on! And please check out Brother Paul’s site but also his inspiration on Church Set Free!!

Just me being curious

I have sat on many beaches. I prefer the golden sandy beaches – the fine sand – the soft sand. Others prefer shingle beaches – pebble beaches – an absence of soft fine sand.  But for me … a sunny day … family … fun … sea  … soft fine sand …  That is a powerful combination!

Have you ever looked at a grain of sand? Just one single grain?  Really looked.  Up close and personal?

Sometimes that is tricky – sometimes sand is so dust-like it is hard work to isolate just one grain. And yet … that very smallness, the tinyness, the “singleness” of that (dust-like) grain has great power all on its own …

A long history to become that perfectly small – that dust-like – that “present” in “that moment” on “that sunny day” … Just how many years, decades, centuries, millennia?  And where has it been, what was it before?  Because that is the mystery – the “oneness” of the world of which I am just…

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