All Life Needs Love

This is from my Brother Paul “from across the pond!” He ALWAYS causes me to think and to evaluate not just my thinking, but my doing as well! Please, read this — we all need to be reminded from time to time that we are in a “struggle” with eternal ramifications for souls. Maybe this article can help you “re-evaluate” your position in Christ Jesus and how you see Him.
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Church Set Free

I read somewhere that a female human being will seek a mate for procreation: strong, powerful of muscle and mind – eye candy with a brain. And yet that same female human being will seek someone different to protect and nurture her children: a keeper, someone solid and caring, someone who will be there for her and their children. The conclusion was that monogamy is a cultural conundrum – that the essence of successful creation requires multiple partners.

I have a different thought. I have a thought that love is the answer – that love changes everything.

So yes,  if the “female” seeks only a sperm donor of orgasm – then love is not a requirement. And yes, if the “male” seeks only a sperm recipient of orgasm – neither need love. Surely that is not the “creation of life”?  Yet – for me – the consequence of orgasm and sharing sperm will have consequences. Not…

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