An Analogy Regarding Trust

I just checked this site out and as I have lately been having discussions very similar to this with others in the community I live, this was timely and a confirmation from the Holy Spirit. Check out her site also, Sister Ellie’s site applies Biblical principles to good nutrition without resulting to the “law” but rather to God-given grace!

New Creations Ministries

I’m back after a 10 day vacation and ready to resume posting blogs once again. Thanks for your patience. We had an enjoyable but whirl-wind trip and I am very grateful we don’t fly too often. To all the followers who recently joined my little blog, although I haven’t had time to respond, I appreciate you!

While away, we had to leave our pups in our veterinarian’s kennel and we were so happy to see their smiling faces once again when we returned!

As I was feeding our little Lhasa, Jewel, that first day back, I patted her on the head as I usually did. Surprisingly however, she tensed and growled at me, distrustful. I could only surmise that she thought I was going to take away her food, one of her joys of living. How could she think that??? We’ve never given her any reason to distrust us! On the contrary, our pooches live pampered lives with plenty of belly…

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