America’s Freedoms, Heart-Breaking Slavery, and the Ultimate Freedom

I found this site of Hope, Mercy and Love through Secret Angel’s site that I follow. This is an awesome site for ANYONE going through turmoil, upsets or whatever the trials of life brings. After reading this post, don’t forget to bookmark her site and check the site out. And pass it along to friends who need comfort and healing in the Lord!

Freed to Fly


America’s hard-fought-for independence in 1776 will soon be celebrated again with parades, fireworks, speeches, etc. I wonder sometimes: Am I truly grateful for all the freedoms we have in America? How often do I take them for granted?

When freedoms are taken from us, we learn to appreciate them so much more. I’m not trying to cast a shadow of gloom on the celebration of our nation’s independence. We truly have reason to celebrate. But I can’t help grieving that for many, there is no freedom in sight. Those who have lost control of their own wills and cannot even hope anymore. Yes, even in America.


“There are more slaves in the world today
than at any other point in human history,
with an estimated 27 million in bondage across the globe.
Men, women, and children are being exploited
for manual and sexual labor against their will.


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